The issue of Jewish divorce refusal continues to be a wide-ranging international problem. It is a tragic form of spiritual and emotional incarceration for men and women alike. It has social, financial and legal ramifications for the individual, the family and the local community.

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Jan 30, 2008 · These accusations arise from his involvement in matters of Hashgacha, financial disputes, and divorce. Rabbi Union has allowed greed to replace Halacha.If you see Rabbi Union, please encourage him to cease such behavior and do Teshuva.
Jan 12, 2009 · But, halacha (as well as any other legal system albeit that is for a different esay) recognizes that something can be thought valid or kosher at one time and in fact be determined later to have not been kosher or valid even at the original time it was done.

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While Jewish law requires one to follow the law of the land, and thus a civil divorce is required, that civil divorce cannot serve as a substitute for a halachic (conforming to the strictures of Jewish law) divorce, the “get.”
Since the husband has the unilateral power to divorce his wife, the rabbis maintain that the act of divorce can occur only if it complies with the husband’s discretion and free will.

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Contemporary Halacha . This course will take a behind the scenes look at how halacha responds to changes in our understanding of our world. Astrology, cloning, vegetarianism, homosexuality, abortion, smoking are just some of the contemporary issues that our ancient laws can address.
The religious courts preside over marriage and divorce law for all Israeli citizens according to their interpretation of Halacha, or Jewish law and jurisprudence. They cannot annul a marriage without both partners’ consent.

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A disabled person has the same halachic status with regard to the Sabbath and Yom Tov (Jewish Holiday) as any other person and is bound by the same regulations. Thus, a disabled person may not desecrate the Sabbath and must fast on Yom Kippur - unless there is a possible danger to life, in which case all biblical and rabbinic rules and regulations save three are waived.
Aug 01, 2014 · Such halacha will feel much more accessible than even the most internet-friendly rabbi. Facebook groups dedicated to halachic discussion bring the halacha into the world of social media, and thus into the heart of day-to-day interaction and socializing, making it a natural and organic part of life – which is where halacha ought to be.

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Divorce in the frum community, protecting the children, Bais Din vs secular court ***Guest Hosted by Rabbi Avrohom Kahan *** Founder, Bais Din Vaad Hadin V'horaah, R... Halacha Headlines Loading Downloads
Jun 29, 2011 · The same story from the first night repeated itself throughout all the nights of sheva brachos. It took over a week of marriage to finally consummate our marriage, but it took a LOT of effort on my part to let my muscles open up and endure the pain.

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Start studying Halacha Midterm. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.
From the parsha to Daf Yomi, read and listen to Torah, words of inspiration and more from Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, Rabbi Moshe Elefant, Rabbi Shalom Rosner and others.

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Synonyms for Halakhah in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Halakhah. 2 synonyms for Halacha: Halaka, Halakah. What are synonyms for Halakhah?
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According to Jewish law, God prescribed both the way to unite souls in marriage and gave instructions how those souls can be severed. While Jewish law requires one to follow the law of the land, and thus a civil divorce is required, that civil divorce cannot serve as a substitute for a halachic (conforming to the strictures of Jewish law) divorce, the "get."
Jewish Marriage and Divorce Law JEWISH MGTOW GUIDE: A very uncommon E-book that non-apologetically asserts the rights of Jewish men and fathers within halacha (Jewish law).

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Given the high divorce and remarriage rate, and the relatively small amount of gittin (halachically validated divorces) that are issued, the number of potential mamzerim would have become staggering.
Shtisel halacha question: marriage If you don't want a season 2 spoiler, stop reading now. Hanina recited הרי את מקודשת to Ruchami in what appeared to be a single take, no dubbing, and with a ring.
In biblical law, a husband has the right to divorce his wife but a wife cannot initiate a divorce. About 1,000 years ago, Rebbeinu Gershom ben Yehuda (965-1028) decreed that a husband could no longer divorce his wife without her consent. This decision was accepted as binding by European Jewry.
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Rotenberg Law Office is a prominent and leading lawyer office in Israeli family law. Expert divorce lawyer Maya Rotenberg located in Tel-Aviv city, practices divorce, family and inheritance laws, divorce mediations, including divorce agreements, division of properties, custody, joint custody, visitations, alimony and child support, marital agreements, preparation of wills, family mediation and ...

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